A Note to our Customers

For the time being, we ask that customers wear masks when picking up their orders. For the safety of our employees and our customers, individuals without masks will not be admitted to the building.

Please make note of our adjusted hours. We hope things return to normal for everybody soon. In the meantime, please come visit, or find us on Doordash.

Please consider placing your order via our online widget.
For Oak St. in OTE go here: YBP Oak St
For Rich St. in Franklinton go here: YBP Franklinton

The health and safety of our employees and customers are paramount in this time of crisis. We will stay and make pizza as long as we safely can. We ask that you please be patient with our staff and observe social distancing while picking up your order. You may not place your order in person and wait on it in our dining room. Restrooms are for staff only. If there are too many people in the dining room you may be asked to wait outside. EAT PIZZA EVERYDAY AND PLEASE STAY SAFE. Love, YBP